Synthetic biology, chemical biology, enzyme engineering

IMG_2285 copyThe Williams Lab uses a synthetic biology philosophy to reprogram the chemistry of life. One major area of focus is the creation of artificial cell factories for the synthesis of non-natural drug-like molecules. We are also interested in using the power of organic chemistry to probe, interrogate, and manipulate biological processes. Please take some time to read about our research in more detail and to meet our group members.

Recent News

  • Zhixia’s manuscript “Mapping a ketosynthase:acyl carrier protein binding interface via unnatural amino acid-mediated photocrosslinking” has been accepted for publication in Biochemistry!
  • Please welcome new first year PhD candidates Kim Castelli, Rachel Hall, and Yiwei Li to the group!
  • Sean passed his preliminary PhD defense!
  • Congratulations to Kyle Bingham and Taylor Courtney who have been selected to receive Undergraduate Research Grant Awards for both the Fall and Spring semesters!
  • John McArthur passed his final PhD defense! He is now moving to UC-Davis to postdoc with Xi Chen.
  • Zhixia’s Chem Biol is now online and is also highlighted by the NC State press!

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