New Fellowships Awarded!

Rachael Hall has been awarded a NIH Molecular Biotechnology Training Fellowship for a period of 2 years to support her research project ongoing in the group. Congratulations Rachael!

Samantha Meiser has been selected to receive a Chemistry Graduate Scholars Research Assistantship! The fellowship includes a generous stipend for 12 months and funds to attend a conference. Well done Sam!

Synthetic Biology for Natural Products Conference

The Interface of (Meta)Genomics, Machine Learning, and Natural Product Discovery

05 Mar 2017 – 08 Mar 2017, Cancun, Mexico05_villas-acapulco

Meta-Genomics-Enabled Natural Product Discovery; New Tools for Capturing, Manipulating and Activating SM Pathways: Advances in Heterologous Expression & Screening Technologies: Designing Genes and Circuits for Novel Products and Yield Improvement

Check it out here!